How to display nutrient info for new day?

Is there a way to display just, the one day for example starting with breakfast on a new day instead of a 12 hour period? I got this up because I want to track calcium intake on a daily basis from whole foods I eat. So it’s confusing, to see what happened 12 hours in the past compared to what’s happening in the current day aiming for a target of 1200 mg per day. Is that a gold feature perhaps?

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  • Hi Greenmacgal,

    On the website, you can see your nutrition for a single day in the nutrient targets below your diary. You can also select multiple foods in the diary (hold the shift key and click items to select them) to see the nutrition in the selected foods only. Or, you can click on a diary group (Gold feature) to see the nutrition in a selected meal.

    On the mobile app, tap the menu in the top right corner of the diary screen, then select Daily Report to see your Nutrition for a single day. You can also multi-select foods or see the nutrition for a diary group on mobile.

    If you are interested in keeping an eye on calcium in particular, I would also recommend checking out the highlighted nutrients section of the diary. If you are on mobile, swipe the top banner in the diary page to the left a couple of times. You can see a list of highlighted nutrients to quickly see where you are at for the day.


    Karen Stark
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