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While entering the nutritional data off of a package of food on the Custom Food/Add Food page of Cronometer, I nopticed there was an option to enter the products barcode (UPC code?). The number on the package is 7 44 1029 5 18283. After I entered the number, I was expecting the data fields to be populated with the data from the Nutrition Facts panel on the package. They weren't. Shouldn't they be?


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    Hi Starchivore,

    You can enter in the barcode into the Add Food search to see if our database has the barcode number and the nutrition information for your food already (or use the barcode scanner on the mobile app).

    However, when you are creating a custom food entering in the barcode number does not search the database. First, try using the barcode scanner on the mobile app; if we have the product you can add it to your diary directly, if we don't the mobile app will walk you through adding it as a custom food.


    Karen Stark
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    This product is already in Cronometer. It's "Original Oreo Cookie", bar code # 7 590011 151 110 from the package. When I try searching for it after clicking Add Food, I get no result. I tried with and without the spaces. I'm located in Latin America and the package does say in Spanish "la galleta favorita". Is that the problem? I think it was manufactured in Lima, Peru. [Let me look for a product I have on hand that was manufactured in the U.S.]

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    I have a can of Van Camp's Pork and Beans (In Tomato Sauce) that I just bought yesterday. It's a Conagra product manufactured in the U.S. All English wording on the label. No result after search. The code on the can shows 12 numbers, the first and the last numbers are in small type: 0 52000 01122 7.

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    Sometimes a food may be in the database, but the barcode is not (often because it was added based on a different sized package). If you use the food frequently and want to be able to scan it for easy entry, you can edit a copy and add the barcodes that appear on the packages you purchase.

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