Total Protein vs Amino acids

Can I ask you a question, please? I wrote to chronometer in the past but I think I was misunderstood.
If let's say total daily protein intake is set on 56g. And let's say 56g corresponds to 0.9g of Cystine and 1.4g of Histidine (I just use these 2 as an example)
If I decide to DOUBLE my protein intake to 112g let's say, Why the amino acid requirements do not change in correspondents to the protein intake? I'm not sure if this is a gap in my misunderstanding but 1g of protein is comprised of a specific amount of amino acids. The same applies to 56g. Why the total protein intake modification doesn't cause a change in ALL amino acids to go up respectively? I would highly appreciate the clarification because it doesn't make sense to me that when I click on custom protein and change it to 75, 90 or 120g all amino acids requirements stay the same


  • Hi Elad770,

    The essential amino acids have their own unique recommended daily allowances (RDAs) given in the Dietary Reference Intakes. They are separate from your total protein target, that's why the don't automatically scale when you change your protein target.

    You can customize your amino acid targets as well, if you like! Click on each target to override the default RDAs and enter in a custom value.


    Karen Stark
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  • Dear Karen
    Thank you so much for your quick reply. Highly appreciated
    However, this can't be the case because Amino acids are not a separate or unrelated micronutrient. Amino acids are combined to make Grams of protein. If the total protein is up, thus, the proportion of All amino acids must go up as well. What am I missing here?

  • Please don't give up on me Karen! LOL . This issue is extremely important for me to clarify. I love chronometer so much and this is the only issue left unresolved for me

  • Hi there,

    I think this is a limitation of the way the nutrient targets are defined in the Dietary Reference Intakes. You can find the documentation here:

    The RDAs give an estimate of the amount of the essential amino acids required to meet the needs of most people to replace those that are lost in a day. It does not give recommendations about the distribution of amino acids when you consume protein above the minimum target.

    Functionally, in the software, the amino acid targets are all distinct from one another, and separate from the total protein target. I will discuss your suggestion to have them scale in proportion to your total protein target with the team!


    Karen Stark
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