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Hello. In the mobile app, I'm uploaded a picture within the Notes feature but it never appears. No error message etc. it looks like it just doesn't upload anything at all. Anyone else experiences this problem? I'd love to save snapshots of my meals


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    Hi Yann,

    Would you mind sending an email to our support team at support@cronometer.com so we can look into this further?

    It would help to know what version of the app you are using (shown at the bottom of the settings tab); what step of the adding a photo does it seem to fail? Are you able to take a photo with your camera or upload one from your files?


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen. I've emailed support and in the meantime, was able to narrow the problem to associating a "previously taken" picture (from Notes -> "Select From: Camera or Files", I choose File, it lets me choose a picture, goes back to the Note to write text and save the note but the picture isn't there.)

    If I choose to take a picture from Note -> Select From: Camera, then it works, I can see it's taking some time to upload the picture and then it is saved correctly with the note.

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