Meal kit services with meals pre-entered into Cronometer? (more than just the basics)

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has found a meal kit service that has the meals already entered in Cronometer's database?

I love being able to track micronutrients using Cronometer, but if I want to take a break from entering ingredients from meals that I cook myself and simply use a pre-made meal, they often do not include a full range of micronutrients. Perhaps I have gotten too used to the precision of NCCDB, haha. But it is frustrating when I am watching amino acid profiles and Omega-3s, but the best granularity that the nutrition label has is "protein" and "total fat".

It would be nice if some meal kits provided more detailed entries. I guess I could measure each ingredient separately but that kind of defeats the convenience of pre-prepared meals.

Anyone know of a service that has detailed entries like this? Or any other solutions that work for you? Thanks!


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