Incorrect calories?

I’ve noticed the last two days that my total calories have been higher than the macros I have been eating. Cronometer used to account for calories from fiber - did I inadvertently change a setting so it’s not longer doing that? Is it a big in the system? Any advice would be great!


  • Hi there Alogassai,

    The calories and the macronutrient values will be a bit off because each food is different in the actual amount of energy (calories) it contains.

    We use the average amount of calories in protein (4 kcal/g), carbs (4 kcal/g) and fat (9kcal/g) to calculate your targets, but there is better data on some foods and we use that in the calculations for the macronutriens when you add foods to your diary.

    For example, some carbs are 3.8, 4.1, 4.3 kcals per gram etc. Same is true for protein and fats. That is why there will be a discrepancy, when our data is more accurate than the 4-4-9 crude estimation.


    Karen Stark
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