Allow the Cronometer app to read data from Apple Health

I use WaterMinder to log my daily water intake. It would be great if Cronometer could read this from Apple Health so that my water bar in Cronometer fills up appropriately!


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    Actually, scratch this - it's obviously better to have everything food/drink related in one app. Makes much more sense.

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    Ok? Thought connecting Apple Health meant getting data from Apple into Cronometer as well? Not just out to Apple?

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    Hi MED1975

    I actually came to the forum looking for basically this exact question. I'm curious now as to why you find it better to have everything food/drink related in a separate app?

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    I was using a separate app to track the amount of water I was drinking. Cronometer was not adding this to the water calculations in Cronometer. This meant managing more than 1 app for the same end goal - a 360 window into what I'm putting in my body. Easier to just manage 1 app.

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    Oh I see. Yeah that makes complete sense. I like managing water intake in a different app just because I like some of the features of that app but would love to have it sync through to Cronometer through Apple Health.

    I read your message incorrectly and thought you were saying you were preferring to have one app for food (Cronometer) and one app for water.


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    I would like this if too.

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