Access to past food diaries

Am I correct in assuming, after a search of the manual, that it is not possible to accesss the food diary of past days, or to put it another way, that once one changes to a new day, the past entries are all lost?
My wife and I often eat the same meal on two days running having made double quantities. I appreciate one can add new foods which could include a whole meal, but if this has not been done, is there any way one could look back to say yesterday to add up the nutritional content for ease of entering it a second time?


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    There certainly is a way @jwillyf

    Click on the green banner with today's date to show the calendar. You can select any date in the calendar to see your diary for that date.
    There is an arrow on the left side of the green date banner that you can click to quickly see yesterday's diary.


    Karen Stark
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    Brilliant, Karen and thanks. Don’t know how I missed it! That will spur me on to keeping a tighter record

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    Another thing to consider if you are eating the same meals, as I do for breakfast, is the copy feature. If you use the diary settings to make groups for your meals, then you can click/highlight a "group" like breakfast, then right click and select "Copy Selected Items", then go to the current day and right click the group you want to paste it in (breakfast) and a "paste" option will come up. Click that and it pastes all the items from the meal you copied. Very handy!

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    Thanks for that. Sounds a real time saver and will give it a go

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