Daily Target vs. RDA - Amino Acids

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There is no simple way to toggle between a view of a diet's RDA's of amino acids versus Daily Target values [which users can enter that are at variance with the RDA's]. I don't use the RDA numbers. But if I wanted to see a "what if" view, I would have to individually switch each amino acid one to the other. And each Daily Target value would have to be re-entered if the system was switched back from the RDA view. On the main Dairy page, beside Protein (below which are listed the amino acid values) would be a good place to insert a toggle switch allowing either setting to be viewed: Daily Target or RDA.


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    Hi Starchivore,

    Apologies if I misunderstood, but I think we have what you are looking for.
    Click on an amino acid to see your daily target, the RDA and a toggle to switch between them. I like the target bar at the top in this view because it puts your daily target (if you have one customized), your intake and the RDA all on the same bar:

    Each nutrient target must be viewed/customized individually here, though you are getting a lot of the information you are looking for without having to change any of your targets back and forth.

    Karen Stark
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