Daily Report Carb Count Way Off

I just started using the app and am having a bit of a challenge with the carb counting. Breakfast was two eggs and three pieces of bacon. At the most an egg is .9 and the bacon is .3...total carbs, 1.8g. The Daily Report pie chart shows 4g.

Yesterday, by dinner time, I had (hand-counted) about 11.5g of carbs. The Daily Report showed over 40. I only ate eggs (fried and boiled), bacon, as 1/4 cup of mixed nuts. Frustrating. Any assistance would be appreciated.


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    Hi jstanreid,

    It might depend on the source of the foods you are adding to your diary. Foods from NCCDB or other lab analyzed sources give a bit more accuracy than nutrient values reported on a nutrition label of a product package. Nutrition information is rounded on American labels.

    Are you counting total carbs or net carbs? We have settings available to track your carbs either way, so that might be the source of the difference. You can check your settings by going to: Settings > Targets > Macronutrient Targets.

    We might be able to help you best if you email our support team and we can look into the specific foods you are adding to your diary. Send us a message at support@cronometer.com an we will be happy to help!


    Karen Stark
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