Suggestion: Scale Down Weight Graph

I started at 275 lbs and am down to 241 lbs but the weight loss line is pretty much straight anyways because it is scaled from 0-300 lbs.

My suggestion would be showing the weight loss at scale of say +10/-10 lbs (for the highest/lowest data entry visible.) This would go a long ways to showing actual progress.



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    Hi there MC26,

    There are some options available in the menu in the top right corner of the charts. Select the option for zoom to fit. This will zoom in on the area of the chart where there is data so you can see these differences better!

    There is also the option to zoom to fit in the weight graph shown in the diary page. Expand the menu by clicking on the three dots below the chart, then check the box to use zoom to fit.


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you. I used "Dark Mode" on my browser so the three vertical dots weren't visible until I turned it off. Thank you.

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