Help with Macro ratios

I need help understanding the Macro ratios. I'm not sure if I should change them are not, I've read the manual and I'm still not sure what to do.HELP please.


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    Hi there!

    The macro ratios take your energy target and calculate the distribution of protein:carbs:fat that you have entered in your macronutrient targets.

    For example, if your energy target is 2000 kcal and your ratio is 25:40:35, then your targets would be calculated as:
    2000 kcal * 25% / 4 kcal/g protein = 125 g proteins
    2000 kcal * 40% / 4 kcal/g carbs = 200 g carbs
    2000 kcal * 35% / 9 kcal/g fat = 77.8 g fats

    Macro ratios calculate your targets dynamically, which means that if your energy target changes, your targets will scale to keep the same ratio.

    If you know what you would like your targets to be, we can work backwards and help you get your targets set up! Let me know if you need any help :)

    Karen Stark
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