Incorrect Calories in Imported Foods

When I import food by scanning a barcode and then choose a different portion size, a different amount of calories appears in diary vs what is on the packaging.

For example, if I scan something that says 100 calories per serving size on the label and then select 0.8 servings, the total calories come out to 56 on my diary, not 80.

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    Hi gregdouma,

    That doesn't sound quite right! There can be some discrepancies between different serving sizes shown on the same nutrition label because (in the USA) the numbers are required to be rounded on the label.

    There could also be an error in our database, in which case we would love the change to fix this ASAP!

    In the mobile app, you can report an issue by following these steps:

    1. Tap the orange + at the bottom of the screen
    2. Tap Add Food
    3. Search for the food and select it
    4. Tap on menu > Report Issue
    5. Attach clear photos of your product label (if applicable)

    Thank you!

    Karen Stark
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