Energy goals vs. calories remaining prob

Hello! I just have a question about the "Calories remaining" vs. the Energy goals, which in my case is set at 1443 calories. However when I look at "Calories remaining" in my diary's budget, it looks like Cronometer is putting my goal at 984! I currently have 300 calories consumed and Cronometer tells me I have 684 remaining for the day! Is it because I have it set as sedentary? Still, seems dangerously low to me. I have used Cronometer in the past and don't recall seeing a discrepancy with the targets vs. budget like this. Thanks if anyone can help.


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    Hi MimiBabette,

    It sounds like you have a weight goal set that is subtracting calories from your energy budget. If your budget is too low, you can set a lower rate of weight loss in your target settings.

    If you like, you also have the option to remove your weight goal from your energy budget by going to: Settings > Targets > Weight Goal, then turn off the switch next to 'Show weight goal in diary'.


    Karen Stark
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