What's the best resource to learn about nutrition?

Hello everyone,,
I'm trying to be more careful about what I eat, and without trying to follow any particular diet, I'd like to understand more about nutrition, and how things work. I mean, we have nutrition info on pretty much all food packages, but without knowing what exactly they are, it's a bit pointless.

Is there a bible to read on the topic? A super-awesome informative website? Thanks much!!!


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    Klaus--I do not have a recommendation for a Nutrition book, but there is a monthly nutrition newsletter that provides science-based, up-to-date nutrition information. I have subscribed to it for years and always found it helpful and readable for the non-nutritionist like myself:

    Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter.

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    I have found a lot of information and resources available through the articles and guides listed on the Harvard Medical School nutrition source site. Sadly, a good chunk of said information rests behind paywalls.

    Here in Greece we are admittedly lucky though. There is an official public nutrition guide (multiple to be exact) that everyone can easily/freely download and use. The funny part is that - at 132 pages for the main version - it is extremely thorough and complete with regards to nutrition. The manual for nutrition professionals is even more ridiculous, coming at a hefty 250 pages packed with science reports and citations. Since it is promoting the traditional Greek Mediterranean diet/nutrition though it might not be suited for everyone as a manual.

    Only problem is...it's in Greek... :*

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    Hello , I have just discovered a site called Optimizing nutrition from Marty Kendall.

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