How do I add beer / IPA?


I've only been using the app for a few days and just found this forum. It looks great!

I want to try and record as much as I can, so I can start monitoring my food intake.

I am having a can of microbrewery IPA. It is 330ml and is 4.2% abv. Is there any way to calculate calories / carbs from that info?

Looking forward to reading lots of posts!



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    Hi there!

    You could use a generic beer from NCCDB to get an estimate of the nutrition, such as "Light Beer". We have a couple of options from the Australian Food Database, too. You could check out: "Beer, Flavoured, Alcohol 4% v/v" or "Beer, Lager or Ale Style, Alcohol 4.6% v/v"

    If you are really keen, you can even edit a copy of one of these foods to tweak the alcohol content to match your IPA. Click on the number of listed nutrients in the add food screen to open it in the Foods tab. Then use the menu in the top right corner to Edit a Copy. You can make changes and save it as one of your custom foods.


    Karen Stark
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