Why don't my daily fat grams add up?

I've only been using Cronometer for a few weeks, so I'm still learning. When I look at my nutrition report my average daily MUFA, PUFA, Saturated and Trans fat grams add up to only about 85% of my Total Fat. For example, for the last two weeks my daily Total Fat intake is 43 g, but the four types of fat add up to about 35 g. What am I missing? Thanks!

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    Hi KevinA,

    Not all foods in our database will have values for all the types of fat (MUFA, PUFA for example). Stick with foods from NCCDB to make sure you are getting foods with these values reported.

    The sub-types of fat won't quite add up to the total fat amount due to the way report these values. Total fat includes triglyerides, phospholipids, cholesterol and others. Fatty acids are measured after they are removed from triglycerides, so the weight of the glycerol backbone is not counted in his case.

    Karen Stark
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