Incorrect and Misleading Target Calculation

The UI Target calculation is incorrect/misleading when I have a target weight goal.
The true target is really the total +/ weight goal. Without adjusting the "target", it really isn't a target at all.

When we look at the main screen, it would appear I'm consuming 68% below my target by 545 calories. What would this make anyone think? I can eat more to reach my target AND weight goal.

From looking at this screen, it looks like I need to keep eating more protein and carbs to meet my target.

However, when I look at the Target screen (Calorie Summary), it is there it tells me how much to eat/burn. It's also not very clear and easy:

The "Target" needs to include the weight goal.
The "Target" needs to include the weight goal.

Thank you.


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    The purple target reflects more than just your targets for macronutrients that go into your calorie total...it reflects all your targets listed below that (e.g. vitamins, minerals, etc.)

    If you monitor energy, which you can see in the bar graph, but you can also add in a dial graphic similar to the targets below the bar graph - that will show you when you have eaten 100% of your calories for the day - that's the graphic that provides you with the information you want to know about how close you are to eating all the calories for the day.

    But when you hit your energy goal for the day that won't necessarily mean you hit your other targets for macronutrients - those dials/bar graphs are showing how close you came to each macronutrient so that if you are trying to balance those, instead of just limit your calorie intake (again monitored by the energy dial) you can see how you are doing with those goals. In your case for macronutrients, you are showing 11.8 g of fat over the goal...but 9.1g of carbs under and 29.3g of protein under - that's 106.2 extra calories of fat, added to the 46 more calories you are showing yet to eat would be 152.2 calories divided by 4 calories/g for carbs/protein is 38.05 additional grams of protein or carbs if fat was at 100%- which just about equals the 29.3 and 9.1 (total 38.4) g of protein and carbs it's showing you need yet to meet your goals for those nutrients. It all adds up...essentially it's telling you that in order to meet your weight loss goals as well as your goals for protein and carbs - you would need less fat in order to have to calories for the additional protein and carbs. If you watch these as the day goes on you can see if one is out of balance and up the intake of the others in your next meal/snack.

    I hope this helps you interpret the information...I find it terrifically helpful to watch not only the calories I need for the day through the energy dial but also the balance of protein/carbs/fats. It helps me meet my calorie goals while still getting enough protein and carbs. I also watch fiber and sugars (natural/added as a total) as these are also goals. I also enjoy trying to get the purple "target" as high as I can...I can get to around 98% but am always missing a couple amino acids or over on some vitamins.

    Good luck!

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    @jake58 the purple % targets is referring to the % of your nutrient targets you have reached for the day (all targets: vitamins, minerals, macros, etc...). That said, I can see how you mistakenly assumed it was referring to your weight goal & calories and perhaps we can make this more obvious somehow.

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