Favorites for Biometrics

It would be helpful to be able to mark specific biometrics as favorites and filter the "Add Biometric" list to those favorites.

The change in "Add Biometric" makes sense, but it's less convenient for me. Before, weight was the default for me and I could just enter the number. Now I have to specifically select the biometric. If I could mark weight as a favorite, that would be the only biometric showing when I filter the list. Someone who only enters their blood glucose wouldn't have to scroll past the first five options to get to that metric. Someone who tracks blood pressure and cholesterol wouldn't have to pick those metrics out of a non-alphabetical list.

I know it's a relatively short list, but it is longer than the drop-down window. Marking foods and recipes as favorites is already a feature. Please add marking biometrics as favorites and filtering the list by favorites as features.


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    +1 for this feature request. Alternatively, add a sort ordering capability to custom biometrics with default being most recently used.

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