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I am trying to enter a recipe. Every ingredient is in grams except for one. So when I try to enter a serving amount it is not accurate because the one ingredient's grams are missing and I can't seem to find a way to add the grams in manually. I would love to be able to use ml, cups, tsp, tbsp, etc., but some foods just won't let me choose that option when entering a new ingredient. Converting everything to grams is a pain and very time consuming however, if there was a way to manually enter the grams of an ingredient so that my "full recipe - grams" is accurate that would greatly help, otherwise entering in recipes seems useless if I can't figure out an accurate serving amount.


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    Variations of this question get asked at least once a week. Here is one of my meager attempts to answer it. Note that when you change a recipe from weight-based to servings based you can make the unit ml, cups, tsp, tbsp, bucket, or wheelbarrow full.
    Also note: I am no expert. If this reply seems unsatisfactory feel free to ignore it.

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