Recipe app integration or allowing import of externally produced JSON files

I realise that for the last four years you've had the Cronometer community requesting integration with a recipe app (Paprika, etc), or, failing that, being able to import externally produced JSON files. It seems like we can do neither, and requests for the first have had a 'coming soon!' response for the past four years, and the later has had no response.

I am new to Cronometer, so I'm not sure if my petition will make much difference. But I think that as a new user, we are more likely going to be in need of such an integration, as it will determine whether we stick around and get the premium account or not. I imagine users that have been around for a while have slogged it through listing each favourite recipe by line-item have now got a sunk cost, so they're probably going to stick around regardless.

Others on this forum have already listed features that I would also enjoy, so I won't list them all here. But if you can give us a timeline around this, or a work-around in the interim, it will help us work out whether it's worth sticking around for it!

Thanks in advance!


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