Is there a way to sync weight to Garmin?

Is there a way to sync weight to Garmin?

I use a Garmin Venu as a tracker nowadays. I also use Withings Body Cardio as a scale.

Garmin is not compatible with Withings and unfortunately, I doubt it will be, since Garmin is pushing their lame scale.

The method most recommend and the one I currently use is to install MyFitnessPal, sync Withings with it and then sync MFP with Garmin, during which MFP passes the latest measurement from Withings to Garmin.

I would prefer not to keep MFP on my phone just for the purpose of syncing my weight with Garmin, but unfortunately, I don't see a way to sync my weight from Cronometer to Garmin. Am I missing something?


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    Thank you for this post. I found it trying to figure out how to solve for exactly the same issue...and I see here we are, over 2 years later, and as best I can tell it's still the only real solution/workaround.

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