• Good work! What is your deficit daily.....looks as if you are losing 2-3 pounds each week. According to the charts, I should be losing that as well. We will see. Keep up the amazing progress!

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    I'm mostly trying to target the Cronometer calculated Budget which is roughly a 900-ish calorie deficit based on loosing 2 lbs per week. The key things being to keep net carbs as low as possible, about 2,000 calories overall from food with at 30% or more to help with not losing muscle mass. I'm also working on not being rigid to help with behavioral changes. It's a bit frustrating since I'm in the suck phase, however thing that's been very clear is that the behavior changes need to be more important than the actual weight. This was a very helpful article. I thought about Noom, but didn't want to spend that much money on a monthly basis. From what I can gather, Noom is very heavily centered on well-rounded behavior focusing not on just what you eat, but when and the why. In my case, I stress eat and also eat for a sense of control when I feel out of control

  • @DavidCHolley Same: 900-ish calorie deficit Different: Eating high carb fruits and veggies = high energy levels. I consider this a health journey and, yes, that includes addressing mental, spiritual, and emotional considerations for my own growth as well as a healthy body. Wishing you the are off to a great beginning!

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