Side-by-Side Foods Comparison

edited August 2020 in Feature Requests

Would be great to have a side-by-side comparison of different foods, maybe 4 at a time, and such that you can change the serving size on each. For example: acorn squash (100g) vs butternut squash (80g) vs pumpkin (70g) vs salmon (50g). Maybe as a sub-tab under the food search.

Pleeeeeeeeease :)



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    This would be a great addition.

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    I would *really* love to see this option.

    Two use cases I have run into many times now:

    - multiple options for a particular item exist and it isn't obvious which one has the most complete nutritional info (or is closest to the actual product you have in front of you), so you want to compare side by side.

    - choosing between several options for a meal, so you can see which has the highest or lowest level of certain nutrients and make the best choice.

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