Blood pressure sync with Google Fit and UI improvements.

Hi, a few questions in one here:

  1. I take advantage of the sync with Google Fit basically every day. Weight values sync nicely but blood pressure doesn't sync at all. Would it take much to add that value to the sync?
  2. I enter blood glucose every morning into the cronometer app or web UI. That UI changed somewhat recently to allow easier selection of various other metrics. When I click the + Glucose Reading link in my main cronometer web UI it brings up the Add Biometric dialog with Blood Glucose selected (as expected), however it sticks my cursor in the search box instead of the box I enter the value into. This is annoying as I used to just click the + Glucose Reading and start typing. Now I have to go click inside the value box first. Just seems like the cursor should default to that box and not the search box when the user clicks a specific biometric entry link.
  3. The blood pressure entry is super klunky. I suspect the vast majority of folks entering blood pressure just want to enter 125 / 75 or whatever and not have to enter two separate entries and try remembering which is systolic and which is diastolic and then the timestamps may be a few seconds off which is weird and annoying. Please give us a blood pressure entry form that has both.


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