HARVARD.EDU is a great source of nutrition info

If you just type some nutrition question into Google, the signal-to-noise ratio is horrendous: you'll find articles written by non-experts, or by experts with fringe opinions.

A while ago, I stumbled on a handy trick: type

site:harvard.edu your question goes here

This narrows your results down to those from harvard.edu, typically those published by Harvard Med School and Harvard School of Public Health. Both are quality sources of information. They publish a lot about nutrition in a form accessible to the general public.

That's how I found this bit of info about soy, for example, and modified my diet accordingly:


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    edited September 2020

    ... This makes me wonder why the FDA doesn't regulate soy, or require warning labels on food. The food industry puts soy into everything! (I wonder why they do this also -- I don't think they care how much protein their stuff contains, and soy rarely improves the taste)

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