Auto immune IBS friendly recipes?

Hi, where to turn to in the app or forums for some good gut health recipes, tips, etc?


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    I'm not sure because I'm new...but bearing in mind the root causes of IBS. I would look at anything related to reducing stress - the best way to do this is breathwork. If you don't know where to start with this - see me ( as the teacher always put on my essays ) Its free, you can do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere and it always works.
    Get a methane test to access the possibility of SIBO or SIFO. Diet wise, best to do an elimination diet - my favourite - Amy Myers, its easy and non distressing. Sort out exactly what upsets you; IBS is like Autism in the respect that everyone who has it has different symptoms and different needs to eliminate specific foods. You need to experiment on yourself. GERD or silent GERD can be driving it.
    So look to your stomach for the clues here. What gives you indigestion or heartburn and eliminate it. If you were as bad as me, that leaves you with just about zilch to eat....they are the trickt cases, but thats not everyone. There is always a way around everything and there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Find the cause. Fix that and then gradually test new foods one at a time and see how they are tolerated. The key here is not total erradication, with the exception of gluten, but occasional eating and not twice or three times in a row in a week. You can so easily get sicker through eliminating foods that you cant tolerate, leaving you malnutriced, than by carefully eating those trigger foods occasionally on a full stomach, not on their own, with a really decent digestive enzyme to eliminate leftover undigested fibre for naughty bacteria, to snack and proliferate on.
    Another key area ids getting and keeping some useful gut microbes. They appear quickly as we change our food, but need to be sustained. So, get to know your good microbes and what they like to eat....but don't go crazy on these foods. Everything in moderation. Use resistant starches, but in tiny bits initially. Go slow. Take time and really understand the process. Its not a race to health, it's getting to know your own body. Listen to what your gut is saying....laughs....the noises and pain it creates are vital in this process.
    Eliminate the big 4. Grains week 1, white sugar week 2, Industrial seed oils and all veg oils except extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil week 3 then dairy. Nightshades week 4, nuts and seeds, week 5, legumes and eggs week 6.
    Its not just gluten that irritates the gut, these proteins can be found in grains, albumin in egg white, caesin, dairy, legumes and nuts and seeds.
    So decreasing Fodmaps can be useful, but not as a forever strategy. People think that a few months on low Fodmap and hey presto, thats it! No. It can sometimes...and often does, take 2 years.
    A couple of brilliant antifungals are golden seal or black walnut tinctures. I use wormwood too, but very carefully and in micro doses. Pulse it...a few weeks on, then a few weeks off, like you treat Lymes. Its better to do this than keep on and on. It doesn't work like that. Dose twice daily....but again, everyone is different.3x per day can be better for some. You have to see what works for you. introduce everything slowly. NEVER rush anything.
    After 3 x 3 weeks on the tinctures you can do a little work with probiotics a three week stint, no tinctures. Then see how the gut is, reintroduce a food, see how you react, don't overdo it.
    When you are stable and symptoms are gone, try a few more foods one at a time and always with a day in between.
    Then theres antifungals...it goes on. if you need any guidance, theres loads of folks out there, but you know where I am if you need me. I do this all day!

    Hope that helped. Kindest regards


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    I'd look at Leaky Gut (anti-gut inflammation) recipes as well as IBS

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    Seeking for some healthy dishes then make these yummy dishes like coconut crust pizza, avocado salad wrap, Sloppy Joes etc. Refer Dr. Axe website.


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