Left/Right Y-Charts - Higher Points, Lower Value - Lower Points, Higher Value???

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I'm looking at a chart that I created. The left Y-axis is Fat, the right Y-axis is net carbs. I'm looking at the chart and thinking, O.K. the higher dot on a particular day means that you consumed MORE of the nutrient than is represented in the lower dot for the same day. No! It's just the reverse! That's just dumb. The whole idea is to give a visual representation of consumption of one nutrient versus the other. On what planet does a higher point on a chart represent a lower value than a point lower on the same chart???


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    Maybe one solution would be to give the option of reversing a chart, making it "upside down", in order to give a correct visual representation of the two nutrients being charted. Not all two-nutrient combinations would need to be reversed. But the option is absolutely necessary for the situation which I've explained.

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    The Fat values on the left side go from 0 to 250. The Net Carb values on the right side go from 0 to 500. I'll try putting the Net Carbs on the left axis, and the Fat on the right axis, and see if I get a better visual representation. You should put a standard note for people creating these charts advising them to put the nutrient with the higher values on the left side.

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    No difference when I put the Net Carbs on the left side. The scale on each side needs to match, either 0-250 on both sides or 0-500 on both sides - if you want to know whether you are eating more of one nutrient than another, visually, at a glance.

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    Oops! I've logged a bug for that.It sure does make the graphs with two variables tough to interpret. Sorry about that!

    Karen Stark
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