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I don't see a forum dedicated to FitBit and similar devices. I'm considering buying a FitBit Inspire. It works with Android smartphones and I have one. But for general web use, I use Chrome. Fitbit doesn't sync with Chrome. Will I be able to sync my smartphone with Cronometer's Android app, and then view the date on Cronometer's website online? And the other question I have is: Can all the data that a FitBit Inspire collects, can it all be sync'd with Cronometer, or only some of the features?


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    Actually, the ChromeBox 3's DO support Android apps from Google Play. I have a Chromebox 1 from a few years ago, cost ~$180. The new Chromebox 3 will be about $280. I think the online Fitbit "control panel" will be accessible with the Chromebox 3. It's probably superior to what Cronometer is able to display, I guess.

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