App or online version

Which version do you prefer? the app or the online version? I personally like the online version much better, it looks better and seems more polished. Would love to know others opinions.



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    The app has some nice unique features like scanning barcodes, but I prefer the web version.

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    edited September 2020

    I prefer the online/browser version, primarily because it's much easier to copy foods from the previous day and simply adjust the amounts. I eat a lot of whole foods, or enter the generic equivalent of a processed food, such as "peanut butter, natural, salted" for my Trader Joe's PB; I rarely have need for the barcode scanner. If I have a packaged item, I can just search for it manually.

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    I agree that the web app is generally more useful than the mobile app. I use the mobile app when I want to scan a barcode or because a full size computer isn't handy. I don't ever build recipes on mobile.

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