Can I set my own calorie goal?

I would like to set my calorie goal to 1500 calories a day, every day. Is there a way to do that? I am a little frustrated that the calorie goal keeps changing. I lost one pound and suddenly my limit changed from 1615 to 1378! I have it set to lose 1.5 pounds a week and the only thing I changed was my weight, and again it was only by 1 pound. I can’t keep lowering my calories by over 200 every time I lose a pound. I really want to just stick to one fixed amount a day and I know I lose steadily at 1500. I don’t want to go lower than that but also don’t want to have to be constantly changing my info to get a number close to that. Any help is appreciated!!


  • You can set your own calorie goal!

    Please go to: Settings > Targets > Macronutrient Targets.

    Set your macros using Fixed Values, then enter in the values you would like to use for your energy and macros. These will remain constant each day in the Macronutrient Targets section of the diary page.

    Karen Stark
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  • Will they adjust for exercise if you make them constant? Mine change too much day to day but I definitely want them to adjust for exercise

  • Hi Jennn,

    No, fixed targets will not adjust for exercise.

    If you use macro ratios, they will change depending on how much exercise is logged to your diary each day.

    There will be small jumps in your energy target when you lose weight, in the neighbourhood of 5 kcal subtracted from your energy target for each pound of weight.

    Those will be the only sources of change to your energy target if you are using macro ratios day-to-day, unless you make any other changes to your settings, of course! Some of the settings you could check out that impact your energy target include changing your BMR, activity level and weight goal.

    Karen Stark
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