Campbells Cream of Chicken, Net Carbs?

I think i kicked myself out of ketosis, I recently had dental work done and could only consume soft foods, I had a campbells cream of chicken soup, and cronometer said that it would only be 6.0 net carbs for the whole can of Campbells cream of chicken soup. But when I looked via google and a different food app, it said a whole can of the soup was 22.5 carbs. I'm just wondering did I kick myself out of ketosis? Is the information about this product wrong on cronometer? or did I misinput the information?


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    Are you sure you were not looking at the carbs per serving? Most of those condensed soups are 2.5 servings, give or take.

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    edited July 2023

    The nutritional content of specific foods, such as Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, can vary depending on the brand, recipe options and country-specific formulation. For the most accurate and up-to-date nutritional information, it is always best to refer to the product packaging or the manufacturer's website. Traditional condensed soups, such as Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup, often contain carbohydrates in the form of starches or thickeners. The net carbohydrate content can vary, but it's usually higher than other low-carb options. But don't forget that this can then affect your health, particularly your teeth. I can advise you ahead of time the site where I treated my teeth, vip dentalny here will take care of you

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