Carbohydrates in Europe

edited September 2020 in Bug Reports

So I started using this app two days ago and I have a problem with carbs.(I read everything I found about it but I still got a problem that might be a bug?)

I chose European Label and Total carbs(from settings).

I enter the value of carbohydrates as written on a european product(which apparently is the value of american net carbs). e.g 50 g

When I try to enter the value of fiber the value I put in that field gets substracted from the carb field. e.g if the value of fiber is 35g, the carbs field will automatically say 15 g.

After I save it, it says that carbs = 50(which was the original value I wanted to put in carbs but it calculates it as 50 g because it adds fiber that had previously substracted).

Here are some screenshots of that example:


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