How to make the app to register the time of the meal and/or biometric measuring?


I have problems with my insulin, it overflows my blood whenever I eat carbos, triggering episodes of hypoglycemia. Probably its turning me fatty and holding back my capability of building lean mass. I installed this food tracker in order to nail down exactly how much Im eating, what exactly Im eating and how is that interacting with my insulin disorder. And I cant do that properly w/o knowing the exact times I checked for low glucose levels. I will pick every read indicating low levels of glucose and then look what I did and what I ate before it in order to nail down what are the triggers. And I cant do that if I dont know the times in which I ate something and the time I checked my glucose levels.

How do I add the time of the meal and measurements in this site/app?



  • Hi @gxmc

    It sounds like you have a condition known as reactive hypoglycemia where eating carbs without protein or fibre causes an unmatched spike insulin that drops blood sugars too low.

    The dietary approach for managing this is to ensure that all of your carb choices are low glycemic (very high in fibre and low in sugar). This causes a much more gradual rise in blood sugar and a better match to insulin. It's also important to include protein with each meal and snack which can further help to prevent a sudden drop and then rise in blood sugar.

    Presently, you can't add a time stamp, but you can arrange your diary into sections like "Breakfast", "Lunch", "PM Snack" etc by clicking on the gear icon at the top right of the page and choosing "Diary Settings".

    Alternatively, you can use the "Add Note" feature to record when you checked your BG/ate a meal.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Yes, thats what I have but there is a nicer name for mine due the fact I acquired it after a gastric bypass. Ive been having these episodes since 2012 and my doctors didnt nailed what was going on in despite of my relates, sadly. The thing is that I had no problems building up muscle and keeping my fat levels low until 2015. My body fat was around 10% back there, then I started losing lean mass and getting a waist, the hypoglycemia episodes became more and more frequent, I was tired the whole time, my body also started having problems recovering from the trainings, my regeneration got quite worse (cuts takes longer to heal entirely, etc) BF is around 20% now, but I have the same weight (88kg). Once I noticed that the dizziness episodes became more frequent and in the past I related then with the consume of sugar, I bought a device in order to check my glucose and figure out what was going on by myself, and thats how I found out that the problem is a LOW level of glucose in my blood and not a high level as I supposed.

    Now Im trying to find out what does triggers what in my body and for that I need to time everything I do and eat. I want nail down how much every food and every kind of activity influences on that and whats the synergy between them. There are days when I eat an omelet done with tuna, eggs, onions and tomatoes and my glucose goes from 90mg/l to 50mg/l. That makes no sense, and nothing explains why from 2012 (surgery time) to 2015 the episodes were less frequent and had no further repercussion with my overall health and after 2015 everything went nuts. All my doctors have no idea whats going on or they arent willing to tell me what it is, maybe because they know theres nothing to be done, I dunno. I will have to figure it out by myself. Id love to be able to check my insulin levels as well but I cant do that from home, it would be awesome for my research.

    Currently Im doing exactly what you said, adding time stamps, but thats quite unpractical, it makes everything takes twice the time it should. The labels (breakfast, lunch, snack) seems to be for premium users only and thats not my case yet, Im willing to buy a premium account but only after Im sure this app is the best one for my, cost/effectiveness wise. I live in Brazil and it seems theres zero data about our products in this app barcode's library, thats a bit annoying as well, btw.

    Are you one of the developers, Susan?

  • Hi @gxmc !

    I am definitely not one of the developers, but I'd suggest posting your request in the Feature thread.

    It sounds like you are having reactive hypoglycemia secondary to dumping syndrome post-bariatric surgery. What is likely happening is that because of your altered digestion, there is a rapid release of nutrients from your stomach into your intestine, causing a sudden rise in blood sugar. The treatment would still focus on meal timing, volume, avoiding solids with liquids, and ensuring adequate fibre and protein with meals.

    I have worked in bariatric surgery as a dietitian in Canada and suggest you look for someone skilled in this area from Brazil who might be able to help you.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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