Add arbitrary volumes to recipe ingredients.

I want to add all of the components of a recipe as it's written in the recipe, but only accepts volumetric measurements based on the serving size printed on the ingredient bag, which doesn't make any sense. If a recipe says "3/4 cup of cornmeal", then I want to add 3/4 cup of whatever brand cornmeal I bought, not 3/4 of "0.33 cup". That's just not how people interact with recipes. (At least not in the US. I realize this is backwards and old timey and metric is superior, but it's how I was brought up and how I have my recipes written down.)

The alternative would be for me to measure out each ingredient and weigh it and then input by ounces or grams, but that creates a burden on me when I'm importing recipes and I'd rather just not use the app.


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