Can Cronometer List Oxalate Content In Food?

Can Cronometer List Oxalate Content In Food?


  • Cronometer does not have the oxalate content of foods available at this time. Thanks for your feedback!

    Karen Stark
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  • This would be very helpful for me as well. Even if you add a field for it, then I could included make custom food for common foods I have that might have high oxalate. It would be great of course if common foods came with this value.

  • Count me as another user that would like to easily track oxalates in Cronometer. Kidney stone prevention is the reason that downloaded this app to track calcium, sodium and added sugar. Although I have a separate app for oxalates, it would be nice to not have to retype everything twice. Ditto for FODMAPS, it would be wonderful to easily track & see FODMAP information as it is difficult to manage two health issues at the same time. Both conditions can be successfully managed by my food choices, hoping Cronometer will be able to help me with this at some point.

  • Chipping in another +1 for this from another calcium oxalate kidney stone former . . . intending to make that entirely a one-time occurrence!

  • Me too - trying to navigate a healthy diet to fight cancer and kidney stones. Love Cronometer, but do NOT want to track food in two apps!!!

  • Same here! Would love to have that option as I'm currently tracking my food twice :(

  • Yes please add oxalates!

  • oxalate content of veggies and nuts would be very helpful to me. obviously, grains and legumes are high in oxalates so I avoid those foods. researchgate has some current info on but very difficult to use the data in tracking my nutrition intake.

  • Exciting news! You can now track Oxalates in Cronometer:

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