for some reason 85% beef shows up as being 100% alcohol today.

edited September 2020 in Bug Reports

I have a recipe "Vera's double bacon cheese burger, no bun" (#4265118). It contains beef, cheese, etc. Standard burger stuff. (see screenshot below)

But I noticed that after adding it, it showed up as 25% alcohol. (see second screenshot below)

I used the "explode recipe" feature on the website. Everything looked to have the right macros except for the "ground beef 85%" (#463467) which was an ingredient of the burger recipe. (see 3rd screenshot)

I should note that the last time I put this recipe in, the macros were right, but if I got back to September 10, 2020 (in my diary), I can see that the same problem occurs. So something happened to the food item #463467 -- it is now 100% acohol.

EDIT: I have changed my recipe replacing the offending 85% beef with 80% and 90% and it reports correct macros. But the 85% item is still broken in your database.


image 1 --------------------------------
custom food item

image 2 --------------------------------
shows up as 25% calories from alcohol

image 3 --------------------------------
85% ground beef shows up as being alcohol


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