Daily Targets for Caffeine and Alcohol

Hi everyone, I'm not sure if this has been discussed/asked before, but I have an idea for the nutrient percentages to make them better. So as it currently stands, all nutrients show a yellow bar with a percentage of the** Daily Target** reached. But not all nutrients should have a Daily Target. Alcohol and caffeine, for example, you shouldn't aspire to reach a certain amount every day, rather you should aspire to not go over a Daily Maximum. The issue is that when you put 0 for your Daily Target for these, it simply shows "n/a" with a full green bar until you reach the Daily Maximum, in which the bar turns red but simply shows the amount you've consumed. Caffeine, for example, shows the mg consumed for that day.

I think it would be much better if when you don't have a Daily Target, instead of showing a full green "n/a" until you reach your Daily Maximum, perhaps it should show an incrementally increasing green bar that corresponds to the percentage of your Daily Maximum, as opposed to an incrementally increasing yellow bar that corresponds to your Daily Target, since we don't have a Daily Target in this case.

Is there a reason this isn't already implemented by default? And can it be implemented?


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    That's a great way to show your targets for nutrients and compounds that don't have a daily target. Thanks for the suggestion!

    As is, I would recommend setting your daily target and maximum target to the same value for these types of cases.

    For example, if I set my caffeine targets to 400 mg:

    Then my target will show the percent of 400 mg I have consumed. The target will remain yellow, until I go over 400 mg, then it turns red.

    Karen Stark
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