This service used to be really good.
Until they decided to require payment for things that were initially free to use.
Now it has pretty much become useless. And the service is completely overpriced.
Such a shame, I don't think it's long until you get replaced by a better and cheaper service.


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    Hi Dens,

    We offer the tools you need to track your nutrition - all foods and nutrition data free for all users. :)

    Which features would you like to see included in the free version of Cronometer?

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Karen Stark
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    I"m not sure which service Dens finds cheaper:

    Cronometer: $40/year
    MyFitnessPal: $50/year
    MyNetDiary: $60/year (as low as $30/year if you buy three annual gift cards in one transaction)

    I've tried all there free versions and like Cronometer best. I haven't noticed any features that were free disappearing. Closest thing to a paywall I've seen is a pop up offering gold subscription when I first log on. MyNetDiary (paid) certainly beats Cronometer on ease of use features, but Cronometer is the only platform I'm aware of that tracks more than a few micronutrients.

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