Planned Meals

This is something I'd like to see, in the tool. The ability to plan a meal before eating it and put it in the app, with it having some kind of indicator that is is planned and not actually consumed. This would be very useful for either meal prep or just planning what I am going to eat in a day.

I will say, that with Gold I can do something similar by adding food and not timestamping it, then timestamping it when I actually eat it, either at the meal or item level. I just feel having is as an actual status of the item/meal would be convent, maybe even a way to toggle between actual and planned nutrition.


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    Sadly, I don't see this happening... they said they would way back in 2019, and nothing. They no longer respond to comments about this.

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    Voicing my support for meal planning - it's critical to link meals to food shopping, thank you!

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    I love this idea. If one could check the items off like a to-do it would be psychologically satisfying to stick to the plan. Also, if when we finish logging for the day we can see a planned vs. actual macronutrient consumption!

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