How to set a specific calorie deficit or weight loss target

Cronometer is great - I've found it really useful to start tracking my nutrition and manage my calorie intake. There's just one problem - it doesn't seem possible to set a specific calorie deficit or weight loss target, adjusted automatically to reflect exercise logged, beyond the very limited options listed in the drop-down box under "Settings > Targets > Goal timeline".

If I set that to 0.5kg/wk, that's a daily energy deficit of around 30% - likely to result in muscle loss as well as fat. But at just 15%, 0.2kg/wk is too low. I'd like to aim for a daily deficit of around 20%.

I tried putting in a fixed energy target in the "fixed values" field of the Macronutrients section, but when I do that it doesn't adjust the energy target if I do additional exercise in the day.

The calorie budget feature and interface is really good - I really like it. It just seems unfathomable that you can't use it to specify a calorie budget other than one option that's too low and another one that's too high. There must be a setting I'm missing... is there?

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