Is there a way to disable sound from the ads?

I have just started using cronometer through the app, but can’t tell if I like it or not due to ads popping up with sound. I realize the ads help keep it free but the automatic sound playing is distracting and prevents me from using this app instead of my fitness pal.


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    Sorry about that! :( We don't select the ads that appear. Please report the ads you do not wish to see so Google ads will stop showing them to you.

    Karen Stark
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    I don't listen to media often on my phone. I regularly leave the media volume on my phone at zero to avoid audio from ads (mostly due to other apps that have much more annoying ad systems).

    I have to say that I think Cronometer has made great choices about when and where to place ads. While ads pop up when you switch to trends taking a bit of extra time when you have the time to look into the reports, they don't pop up when you're entering foods (often a very busy time, recording a bunch of servings at a meal and not wanting to let the food cool before eating). My only issue with the ads is when I fat finger the button and open trends by mistake when I'm recording foods.

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