Make food nutrition open in new tab

When adding foods in the browser I have the option to click on the listed nutrients for a food. Unfortunately I've found no way to open this link in a new tab, not by right clicking, clicking with my mouse wheel or control + clicking. This would be a simple and great solution to avoid having to reload cronometer everytime I search for a food. It makes it especially hard to search for options and compare as I have to reload and do another search for the same food instead of just ctrl-clicking a few options on new pages.


  • Hi Marcsev,

    I might misunderstand what you are looking for here (please let me know if that's the case!) The Foods tab in Cronometer acts like its own separate tab. You can search for foods to view the full nutrient breakdown from the Search Foods sub-tab.

    You can also add foods to your diary from here, after you compared foods and identified the one you would like to use.

    Karen Stark
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  • I agree with @Marcsev, that it would be nice to open several food items from the "Search" box to compare the options in different browser tabs.
    The way a food item is usually added to the diary, you click on "add food" -> search box pops up -> enter food -> several choices appear and you don't really know which one to choose, need to compare several items. Marcsev wants to open several food pages from the list by clicking on the "xx listed nutrients" link. This link can't be opened in a new tab or window. The whole page jumps to the food page and if it's not the correct one, you have to go back, open the search box again, enter the food again, choose another option to look at -> repeat if not the correct option.
    Sadly this can get tiresome and could easily be solved by just using several browser tabs.

  • I totally agree with @Marcsev and @watson. I imagine that there is a technical challenge in the way the "listed nutients" link is generated (if it were a URL link it could easily be used to open in a new window, but it is a javascript callback link).

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