Convenience: color labels and bars for nutrients in recipe editor.

The small, color labeled bars on the Cronometer site help a lot in navigating what I'm deficient in but it is different when editing/adding foods and recipes, although the percentages are, there they are the same color. I think having the same design both sides would tie the whole site together better and give everything a more unified look as well.


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    Hi there Marcsev,

    There are differences in the diary page and the nutrients shown in the Food Editor where you view/create custom foods and recipes. Your diary will show your personalized nutrient targets. These are set based on your age, sex, etc.

    The percentages shown in the Food Editor show the % Daily Values instead. These are the values used for nutrition labelling - so everyone will see the same % values here.

    I like your idea! I'll chat to the team about more ideas for how we might accomplish this.

    Karen Stark
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    It would be nice to have an option to view the food nutrients based on personal targets (I understand the reasoning for using nutrition labeling targets - it would certainly need to continue to be availible and probably should remain the default).

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