How do I interpret timestamps for Sleep?

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If I fell asleep yesterday, at 11pm and woke up today at 7am, what date should I put this information on and what should be the timestamp? Should I put it on yesterday, at 11pm or should I put it on today, at 7am? Which way is more compatible with sleep measuring devices, syncing with Cronometer? Is there such a device which syncs timestamps or they sync only date and duration of sleep?
I plan to buy such a device, but currently I enter sleep data manually...


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    I think sleep data is usually imported into your diary on the day you wake up. The device measures how long you were asleep and records the length of time once you are finished sleeping, if that makes sense.

    Karen Stark
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    @Karen_Cronometer , thank you for your answer!
    So if I fell asleep yesterday at 11pm, and woke up today at 7am, I should enter it in Cronometer on today's date and set the timestamp to 7am, correct?

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    Yes, correctly, enter the time you went to bed and when you woke up. Such applications help me improve my sleep and know when my sleep is deep because I don't sleep very well lately. I am more and more anxious, the problems in the world also affect me emotionally, knowing that people are suffering, but I also feel the joint pain periodically. I recently bought a knee pillow; after many searches and articles on Pillow Insider, I found one at a reasonable price on Amazon.

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