Uneaten calories for another day!

I know that I can look at my weekly target and get a sense of calories that were not consumed over the course of seven days. But, it would be nice to be able to have a function that could be toggled on/off that would "roll-over" extra calories to the following day during a set period (like a week) for those who would like the satisfaction of eating less one day to splurge on another. :)


  • I'm asking for this as well....I call it Banking. Some days I'm under or over and I'd like to track them specifically so I can ZERO out by Sunday night for the next week.

    For now, I have a Google Sheet pinned to my phone home screen to track them and it works ok, but would rather have them in the app.

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    I love that idea! And the Google Sheet idea is a great solution for now! Thank you!

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