Uneaten calories for another day!

I know that I can look at my weekly target and get a sense of calories that were not consumed over the course of seven days. But, it would be nice to be able to have a function that could be toggled on/off that would "roll-over" extra calories to the following day during a set period (like a week) for those who would like the satisfaction of eating less one day to splurge on another. :)


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    I'm asking for this as well....I call it Banking. Some days I'm under or over and I'd like to track them specifically so I can ZERO out by Sunday night for the next week.

    For now, I have a Google Sheet pinned to my phone home screen to track them and it works ok, but would rather have them in the app.

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    edited October 2020

    I love that idea! And the Google Sheet idea is a great solution for now! Thank you!

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    I would also like support for this. I think a flexible way to do it would be a running tally of calories that increments by the "weight goal energy target" and can be manually adjusted / zeroed.

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    I'd like to see something like this feature for all nutrients, not just calories! I used Cronometer to track my entire nutritional balance, and some days I might eat a lot of one particular nutrient so don't really need to eat so much of it the next day, or I might have been short on something the day before and would like to make up for it today.

    This would be especially useful to make features like the Oracle more helpful, as it could recommend things based on my intake over several days, instead of insisting on things that are, say, high in iron when I've been significantly over my target for iron for the past few days and don't particularly need to worry about it today.

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