Add food multi selection on Web Site

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A cronometer rep told me that if I held the shift key while I selected different foods they would be added together. That's a nice and time-saving feature in the mobile app. Speed of entry is the number one feature of these food diary programs. Did I misunderstand her because that does not work for me?


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    In what context? Shift allows you to select multiple foods; so in the diary you can select 3 items and the calories and nutrients will be "added together" for those items. That's probably what the rep meant. You can't add multiple items; it's useful when copying and pasting common entries from one day to the next.

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    I meant they would be listed in my diary after I selected them. I wouldn't have to select each, one at a time. It's not working for me.

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    I can select the foods i want then save to diary on my phone app. I want to do the same on the web site.

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