Second week on Cronometer...Results!

I had a awesome First Week on Cronometer. Dropped 5.2. So, it's time to report Week 2. Was set at 2 lb loss (AKA Camp Gladiator) per week. It worked.
Starting Week 2, weight loss goal was set at 1.5. Lost 1.3 and didn't feel like I was STARVING, was actually manageable. Scale is consistently moving in the right direction for sure. I hit my Target Weight unexpectedly on Week 1, so now I'm earning my 5 pound buffer for the holidays. Goal is to not exceed Target Weight moving forward. Onderland from here on out.
I love Cronometer. It works consistently unlike the other Tracker apps. Why do I think that? It's how the app configures daily calorie goal. It factors BMR and then subtracts the weekly weight loss goal amount from that...and any activity adds back to that lowered amount, not the BMR. Winning combo! Other apps take BMR and go up from there and any additional activity gives you MORE calories. Didn't work well for me. Cronometer figured it out. 🙂 I have Google Fit attached via TicWatchPro 3 and I'm not having any issues so I've found my groove.
Looking forward to Week 3 wrapping up on Sunday as I've moved my weight loss goal another notch down to 1 lb per week. Slowing adding more calories in to start to ascent to Maintenance once I hit my 5 pound buffer goal for the holidays.

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