Is there a way to bundle commonly eaten meals?

Of all the food logging apps I have used I find cronometer to be the best. The only thing I can't do, or can't figure out how to do is to combine the elements of a meal for regular use. In other words, some of the other apps have a feature where you can re-use an entry that for example is Oatmeal, Blueberries and Almond Milk, without having to enter all three every time.

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    Thank you Tom. That is exactly what I needed.

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    I use recipes for this, however...

    I would love to see all the ingredients in a recipe on my food log.
    I eat the same breakfast everyday but sometimes I might be forced to use a different type of yoghurt or different fruit for example.

    Ideally It would be good if I could make a quick adjustment to the recipe just for that day, without having to make a whole new recipe.

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    I wish Explode Recipe still somehow maintained a link to the recipe, or grouped the ingredients somehow. I find it all gets mixed up in the group when I use that feature. +1 on a better way to manage base & modified recipes in the diary

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