Just fibre and sat fat

Hi. I only need to track fibre and saturated fat. Is there a way to do that without going through everything else? Thanks.


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    Hi ChrisinteW,

    You can customize your targets to show only those two nutrients if you like. Got to: Settings > Targets > Nutrient Targets
    Then remove the check from all nutrients you don't want to track in the 'Visible' column:

    You can also change the nutrient shown in the last column of your diary to one of these nutrients. From: Settings > Display > General Diary click on the drop-down list under 'Summary Column in Diary" to select fibre or saturated fat.

    When you log foods to your diary you will see how much fibre or sat fat is in each food.

    What steps are you hoping to do without? I might have some more suggestions to help you :)

    Karen Stark
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